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Paweł Martynów

Born in 1966 in Tarnów. Paweł graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków and obtained a diploma at the Painting Faculty at the studio of professor Adam Wisiołkowski. He pursues oil painting, watercolour, pastels, drawing and fresco. He organized over 14 individual exhibitions and took part in over 20 collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He lives and works in Tarnów.


Born on the 28th of December 1968 in Tarnów. Married to Anna Radecka since 1989, has three sons. He graduated from administration studies in 1990. In 1994 he started his own business. Besides painting, he is also passionate about music. In 2010 he started his band- “Synestezja” and recorded the album “INSIDE”. Still, his easel and painting brushes remain his first priority. For many years now he has explored the arcana of oil painting but this did not give him complete satisfaction. After years of search for a different way to express himself, he finally fell in love with aquarelles in 2015.
Watercolour painting gave him the impulse to hope and discover recesses of his personality. Simply put, the aquarelles painted a smile on his face.

Helena Czernek

Was born in 1985 in Warsaw, Poland. She studied product design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and Hebrew studies at Warsaw University. Since 2014 she runs a design studio MI POLIN (hebr. „From Poland”) focused on Jewish culture, tradition and religion. Helena presented her works on individual exhibitions in JCC Osher Marin, California, JCC Foster City, California, Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw.

What interests her the most in design is dealing with contrasts. By confronting the opposites she acquires new functions and meanings. In her work, she often falls back on Jewish tradition, which helps her to learn and experience Judaism. The dialogue between European and Middle Eastern culture, future and the past, folklore and modernity are important to her projects.